Review: The Gallery of Wonders

The Gallery of Wonders Cover

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Gallery of Wonders by Marc Remus is the most fascinating children’s book that I have read. An illustrator at heart, Marc Remus has turned his illustrations into much more than just words on blank pages. He has beautifully created worlds where a child’s imagination can soar. Adventure, suspense, and a fun world filled with extraordinary things and places one can only dream of. Marc’s talent as a writer is definitely one that readers should look for. His writing is captivating. I highly recommend Marc Remus’s novel, The Gallery of Wonders to both children and adults alike. Who would have thought that a world of painting can be so exciting?

The Gallery of Wonders is a must read for every child. The story is fast-paced and packed with enough action to keep the children turning the pages.  Inside, this remarkable well-written masterpiece, readers will find a young girl worrying about her grandpa. She sees a fire coming from his place and tries calling for help. Her step family won’t let her and yet she goes after her grandpa hoping to help him. Soon, Holly will lose the only family member that cared about her…but all is not lost. Marc Remus then takes readers on one addictive rollercoaster ride of a life time. One that’s involves a painting. A painting that takes Holly and a few others to a world no one knew about. There anything that is drawn comes to life. Readers will have a blast following Holly and friends on their journey. The ending will leave readers wondering what happens next…The good news is that Marc Remus has another book coming soon. Overall, I loved this children’s book and look forward to reading more by Marc Remus in the future.

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