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Stone Koufax, tattooed tough ex-ranger steeped in heartbreak, plunges through shape-shifter sirens and twenty-first-century partners with sexy charm. But within the deep woods, old gods laugh as he twists and turns to escape love’s binds. Dating app, Tinder, taunts the Florida backwoods with indecent proposals as enchantress Circe twirls her magic. Isle McQueen, a redheaded vixen with XXX-rated allure, intrigues Stone. Will she tap Stone’s heart icon or swipe off-screen?

The war between Stone and Isle becomes a thin red heart that could snap at any moment. Can Isle avoid Stone’s bed until he falls from friendship into love?  A posse of ghosts and god of thunder, Thor, gather to defeat Circe …
My Rating: 5 stars
My Review: 
Bewitching Circe by Maria Hardin is the most intriguing novel readers will get their hands on. Absolutely touching, sexy, and enchanting. Readers will be sucked into the plot after reading the first page. Maria Hardin automatically takes her readers on the most curious and dangerous battlefields of all. Gods, love, and two individuals who will be fighting as hard as possible the instant connection and power that comes their way.
Bewitching Circe is a debut novel that will capture audiences from all over the world. Mythology, paranormal stuff, and romance all wrapped into one incredible novel. The drama and troubles are only just beginning…Can one man defeat his way through it all? Maria Hardin is indeed a talented writer to watch out for. Her characters will find their way into readers laps and their hearts. Overall, I highly recommend this adventure to readers everywhere.

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