Review: Liberation’s Desire



Second in the Robotics Faction Series, this sexy stand-alone novel sizzles!

Running for her life…

Mercury Sarit Antiata will do anything to protect her family from Robotics Faction assassins, even undergo illegal surgery that leaves her damaged and alone. Now Faction agents know where she hides. And they’re coming.

Ultra-logical android assassin Yves|Santiago [y$14n2] uses his flawless features and stunning blue-gold eyes to blend in with the humans he’s assigned to destroy. But when a rogue agent severs him from the Faction, stranding him with feelings he can’t comprehend, he needs Mercury alive to stop this new threat. Discovering that he needs the soft, supple young woman for other reasons too makes him question everything.

With the entire universe out to end her, it will take every byte of Yves’ skill to protect Mercury.

Protect her from the Faction…
Protect her from the rogue…
Protect her from the greatest danger of all…

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Woohoo! Book 2 of the Robotics Faction is here. Liberation’s Desire by Wendy Lynn Clark is a hot, steamy romance that readers everywhere will want to get the hands on. Inside of this well-developed story, readers are taken on a journey that questions everything. Questions one’s true motives for why and what is happening and then what is happening with their own feelings. Liberation’s Desire will only further readers’ desire to read more brilliant adventures by Wendy Lynn Clark.

Liberation’s Desire brings us two major protagonists who are having to fight everything. Fight off the ones that are chasing them, fight off the why’s, and most of all fight off the instant pull of desire that is equally felt. There’s no returning point once they let their romance skyrocket. But there’s the Faction and then the rogue who severed Yves from the Faction and the danger is close behind them. Can they make it? I absolutely love reading Wendy Lynn Clark’s amazing novels.  Each of her novels will only leave readers waiting for more. The characters are out of this world and irresistibly believable. Readers will fall in love with Wendy’s plot, characters, and her way with words. It’s not like reading…it’s more like actually being there and experiencing it all first hand. Overall, I highly recommend Liberation’s Desire to all.



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