Review: The Customer Is Always Wrong



’90s grunge kid Conrad Jacoby is on the verge of graduating from Hiawatha High. Eager to leave the nest and his alcoholic Vietnam veteran father behind, Conrad joins the workforce where he tests his luck at minimum wage jobs in food service and retail, building his savings and his backbone with the goal of moving out. Although Conrad is determined, he quickly finds that his sheltered Minnesota upbringing has not prepared him for the life challenges and difficult personalities he will encounter in this coming of age comedy.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Customer Is Always Wrong by CC Standish is one outstanding piece. Readers will automatically take to this novel like it’s the last food source left on the planet. CC Standish brings readers a fresh, exciting, and vibrant novel. The protagonist gets into a lot of trouble. Every time he does, readers will be there laughing along the way and enjoying the thrill ride as they soar to the last page. Not only is the story intriguing but the protagonist is one that readers worldwide can easily connect with on so many levels. We all have been there and done that. The Customer Is Always Wrong will bring back memories to readers everywhere. This is a must read that readers won’t be able to put down…once they read it. Overall, I highly recommend CC Standish’s brilliantly well-written novel to all.


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