Review: Be Mine


Gracie Sinclair just wants life to return to normal.

Now a widow and picking up the pieces after the death of her husband, she delves into her work, seeking a new normal, until she bumps into a handsome stranger who derails her orderly life, completely.

Luke can’t wait for the week to be over. Having built an engineering company into a multi-million-pound enterprise in record time, he feels…empty. Nothing satisfies him anymore, not even having weekenders in his bed. But when he bumps into a woman—literally—on his way out of a bar, realizing she is his last meeting before he goes on holiday, his plan of staying away from relationships takes a nose dive. He wants Gracie Sinclair.

Gracie learned a long time ago how insincere love can be, so when Luke decides to become part of her life, she tosses up every obstacle to dissuade him until he breaks down her walls and makes her realize that her life can only be complete with Luke by her side.

However, something sinister from Luke’s past threatens the happiness they have struggled to find. If he concedes, he will become criminally liable and lose everything.

If he refuses, he loses Gracie’s heart…

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review: 

Be Mine by Isobelle Cate is the first novel I have read by this brilliantly talented writer. Her words create real people and places that pop right off the pages. Be Mine is a novel featuring a woman’s loss and her journey in finding love once more. Readers can easily place themselves with-in the leading character’s shoes. This contemporary romance is emotionally enticing. Isobelle Cate’s has done an impressive job in creating a fictional world that instantly comes to life when one reads it. Readers won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough…and when they come to the end…they will be waiting for the next adventure by Isobelle Cate.

Be Mine is a realistic yet highly entertaining world of fiction that will lure readers deeper and deeper into it’s juicy plot. There’s Gracie, a woman who wants nothing more than to move on with her life. Well, she’s doing her best, until a certain man knocks her world upside down. That’s when the plot begins to really move and readers will be left with a fascination of the two characters. Luke seems  like the typical male alpha readers find anywhere. However, he is a lot more than typical. Everything about him drags readers further into the book. His instant attraction to Gracie hooks readers. The reaction of what becomes of these two irresistible characters is a must read for all. The journey is a sweet ride that readers won’t be forgetting. Isobelle Cate has glued my attention to her beautifully well-written novel. I highly recommend this hot, sexy, and suspenseful read to readers everywhere.


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