Review: Beyond the Milky Way



Are we alone?

Three astronauts go to space in search of a planet that probably has water—one of the basic elements for humanity to survive. Do they find it? What else do they find? They encounter something—something strange—beyond their wildest imaginations, and their mission-to-explore becomes a mission-to-survive.

They experience something that makes them question their beliefs. All the things they had taken for granted, everything they had seen and learned, don’t seem to apply any longer.

Something happens along the way that makes them yearn to come back to Earth. After all, home is where the heart is.

This is not just another science fiction. Rather, it will make you question your own beliefs—may they be scientific, religious, political, or something else.

In the first installment of The Galaxy Series, find out about the strange world they discover.

Rating: 5 stars


Beyond the Milky Way by Aithal is a stunning masterpiece. Readers will love this novel. It begins with an adventure that will leave readers questioning everything they know. Beyond the Milky Way is not a science fiction fantasy novel but one that instantly pulls readers in from the first page until the last. Readers won’t be released from this creative yet brilliantly well-written story until they reach the ending. Three brave individuals dare to go on a mission that no other has been on before. Now, they are tested and their understanding, as well as their feelings, will have forever changed by the time they reach home if they do get back.

Aithal has woven a thought provoking novel. One that readers will be remembering for a long time. The good news is that he has more novels after this one to satisfy the thirst for more adventure. Readers will be awed and speechless as they keep turning the pages. This is indeed one action and a thrill ride that readers won’t want to miss. Overall, I highly recommend reading, Beyond the Milky Way, to readers everywhere.


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