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After being laid off from his job at a prestigious consulting firm, Dean decides to embark on a journey across East Africa with his younger brother. Unknowingly, they travel into bandit territory where a medical emergency forces them to choose between their safety and their health.

Inspired by true events, The Watermelon King follows the journey of two brothers as they backpack across one of East Africa’s most inhospitable regions. As they endure endless days of difficult travel, a series of short stories written by their father begins to uncover their inherent desire for adventure and their connection to the past. Along the way, they begin to understand the beauty and frustration of life in Africa.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Watermelon King by Daniel Royse is a must read for readers everywhere. Traveling to another continent, finding an adventure of a lifetime, and a little bit of an education read is one that will inspire many readers. This novel will take readers, where many can’t go themselves. It leaves readers with suspense, intrigue, and a passion, to travel. Decisions…can leave major impacts. Dean definitely finds that out as his journey continues. Readers will see the scenes as though they were watching a movie, on screen. Daniel Royse talent for writing is one that will take readers anywhere…he wants. The well-developed yet exciting plot will keep readers turning the pages. Then, there’s Dean’s grandfather whose has left him letters that will have readers falling in love with this spectacular read. I read this entire novel in one sitting. Readers will be happy that they picked this book. The Watermelon King is not just a fictional travel read but a little bit of a memoir too. It’s amazing how this novel can wrap its readers deep into the heart of the story. Overall, I highly recommend Daniel Royse’s novel, The Watermelon King, to all.

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