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When two persistent interviewers asked Caldwell if he would define Fiddler, his answer was “Nope.” It was his averment that meaning is a function of the story. That’s one of the two responses an author can make to requests for meaning. The other is to say what he was trying to do; that, too, is about the story, not of it. It is only the story itself that can give the reader its measure of meaning. This story fails, finally, to be adequate.

Rating: 5 stars


Watering My Little Apple Trees by James Bynum is a rare and highly unique read. Readers will instantly find themselves buried deep, into this wonderful collection of stories. James Bynum has brought his love for teaching and literature to readers everywhere.  I was intrigued from the beginning…the way James Bynum shows us readers on how to understand or learn what a story’s true purpose was. I never really put that much thought into what the deep meaning of a story was until I read this brilliant book.

Watering My Little Apple Trees contains a collection of stories that came from James Bynum’s many years of teaching and writing. Readers can only imagine what it would have been like to have been taught by such a teacher and writer. James Bynum makes it easier for readers to understand a writer’s underlying purpose when reading. Writers leave key phrases or words that will signify what they wanted their readers to take with them. It is this that James Bynum carefully instructs his readers to see and understand. Also, a story’s true purpose is the one a reader takes from it. Many writers won’t tell their readers what they wanted them to understand from their work…they leave the readers to finding their own thoughts on what the reading really said and meant. Watering My Little Apple Trees is a way for James Bynum to share his passion and knowledge of literature with readers everywhere. The book is deep, thought-provoking, and educational. Readers will be looking at literature differently after reading this book. Overall, I loved reading this, and I highly recommend this spectacular read to readers worldwide.

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