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Giselle Johnson is a performer at one of the most famed cabarets in Paris, The Moulin Rouge. Grief drove her from her home in Maybrook, Pennsylvania years ago but now dark secrets from her recent past are driving her home again. Giselle never plans too far ahead due to life’s constant way of changing. However, coincidence defies the odds when she is thrown into the path of a handsome stranger again and again and planning becomes her only means of getting home. The first-class ticket she purchased for the RMS Titanic was supposed to be the ship of dreams meant to carry her home to what is left of her family. But it soon becomes her ship of nightmares that only this new stranger can wake her from. Her troubles are far from over when she finally makes it to Maybrook. Her brother-in-law August, is skeptical and not at all trusting and the town’s inability to warm up to her slightly rebellious and unconventional spirit makes staying seem almost impossible. All the while she is falling for her stranger more and more every day but both of their pasts could be their biggest obstetrical yet.

Phillip Fisher had all going well for him. He had a booming career in Germany, women, wealth and now he is coming home to New York after five years away to start a new chapter of greatness. His parents are to the brim with pride over his new opportunity to work closer to home and perhaps settle but Phillip’s rogue heart is impossible to satisfy with domestic, cookie cutter like women. He finds himself enthralled with a lovely unknown lady that seems determined to avoid his charms. Until they find themselves in the middle of the same tragic disaster on their voyage home but when Phillip takes a hit to the head that leaves him without a memory he follows his heart’s desire to be loyal to the showgirl that is now far from a stranger.

Rating: 5 stars


A Song for Giselle by Nicole Strycharz is indeed a must read for all. This romance novel will leave readers laughing, falling in love, and held in suspense…Page after page, readers are intrigued. The events feel like moments suspended in time that we get to relive. One man’s determination to go after the one woman who doesn’t want him is hilarious. She quickly leaves him and before they both know it…are brought face-to-face multiple times as their journeys unfold. Fate has a way of showing us what we can’t realize…sometimes love is staring us in the face.

Inside A Song for Giselle, two characters from opposite ends of the social ladder are thrust together. Both have their own struggles and life’s curveballs tossed their way…yet somehow these two individuals find each again and again. I absolutely loved how Nicole Strycharz brilliantly weaves their lives so close together… Neither one is perfect…Both have dark pasts…secrets even. We all know secrets don’t stay hidden long. When things go well…that’s when trouble comes tumbling in lives.  Strong, sexy, and irresistible characters that make readers want to follow them from one end of the planet to the next. Nicole Strycharz has beautifully written a story that will have readers on the edge of their seats waiting for what happens next…

I highly recommend this stunning novel by Nicole Strycharz. A Song for Giselle is the third book in this series and I loved it. I look forward to reading all of the previous novels by this talented new author. She’s now my new favorite. Anyone who is a fan of historical events and romance will want to read this. Overall, this is a story reader will love and won’t place down until every page has been read.

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