Review: Onyx Webb Series (book 3)


The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times. The billionaire Mulvaney family, piano prodigy Juniper Cole and her brother Quinn, paranormal show hosts Cryer and Fudge, and a few others make up the core of the series. Written like a book version of a supernatural soap opera, each character’s story moves forward with mostly every episode. It may appear that the characters are entirely unrelated and yet episode by episode, the connections will become clearer. Like being an inch away from a spider web, with each book, the web will move further and further away revealing the full story of every character and most importantly, the stunning conclusion for Onyx Webb herself.

In Book Three…

  1. It’s in the late 30’s and Onyx and Ulrich have started a new life in Crimson Cove, Oregon.
  2. It’s 2010, and Koda Mulvaney is picking up the pieces of the latest tragedy and still looking for the girl in the mirror.
  3. Paranormal show hosts Cryer and Fudge have a run in with a ghost at the Open Arms.
  4. It’s the 60’s and Declan Mulvaney is building the family fortune – a good intent with horrible consequences.

Rating: 5 stars


Onyx Webb Series (book 3) by both Richard Fenton and Andrew Waltz is the most fascinating yet thrilling series readers will ever find. Talk about unique, suspenseful, and exciting. With every page, readers get closer and closer to knowing how the series all ties in together. So many interesting characters and roles it’s hard not to love the passion behind every episode written by this duet.

A woman who loves her husband and yet he is too busy sitting in from of the TV to bother with her. Then there’s the affair he has…and it causes his wife to go into an extreme makeover. Sympathy can easily be felt for the woman. Then, there’s a ghost trying to piece together certain facts to solve…and a man who fakes his death using certain software…

There’s never a dull moment inside the Onyx Webb Series (book 3). Episodes 7-8-9 will leave readers hanging in suspense until the next brilliant book is here. Mystery solving is absolutely fun when reading this spectacular novel. Another scene like that of a woman rising up above her body while wolves devour and tear her apart. She knows fighting is the only way…but can she?

Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz have masterfully woven a combination of genres and themes to create this highly addictive series that readers won’t be forgetting. This novel is the kind that readers will be reading over and over again. So much to love when reading the Onyx Webb Series. There’s a little of everything and a wide range of characters to satisfy every reader’s taste. The plot is fast-paced, intriguing, and well-written. The characters are well-developed and will hook readers in from the beginning to end. Overall, I highly recommend the Onyx Webb Series to readers worldwide.


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