Review: A Song of the Oceanids



It’s quirky but poignant coming-of-age tale about children, artists, daydreamers, Martians, freaky Martian hummingbird moths, and a band of wicked sea nymphs.

The first thread concerns Emmylou, a Martian girl stranded upon the Earth where she is forever hounded by the Pinkerton Detective Agency’s Extraterrestrial-Enigma Service.  The second thread concerns her favorite Earthling comic-book artist and all his misadventures.  The final thread concerns young Rory, a sensitive lad who, like Emmylou, loves the very same comic books and sees them as a refuge from the sea nymphs orOceanides who are always taunting him.

J.G. Źymbalist conceived Song of the Oceanides as a highly-experimental slipstream symmetrically-triple narrative which employs elements of historical fiction, fantasy/magical realism, space opera, surrealism, steampunk, Greek myth, paranormal romance, and even children’s literature. Song of the Oceanides tells the story of intolerance and survival, the story of those whom the sea nymphs despise: an eccentric artist busy pioneering the very first graphic novel and the two children who love his work–one a daydreamer only beginning to learn the facts of life, the other a Martian girl stranded upon the Earth. Song of the Oceanides tells the story of beauty and unrequited love. Song of the Oceanides tells the story of a wicked perceptible-but-imperceptible chorus loud enough to reach from the Eastern Seaboard into the dying tall-grass prairie of Iowa…and onward into the deserts of New Mexico Territory. Most of all, Song of the Oceanides tells the story of children who resolve to survive their dysfunctional families by forging ties that truly bind.

Rating: 5 stars


Song of the Oceanides by  J.G. Źymbalist is a powerful fictional read. Instantly readers are hooked by the emotional attachment that J.G. Źymbalist creates throughout his writing. From the beginning, readers will feel sympathy, loss, and fear. We can easily put ourselves into the first character’ shoes. It’s never easy to lose someone, especially one’s parent. The character’s agony from hearing the Song of the Oceanides…feels so real that it becomes the reader’s own fear. Then as the story unfolds…another set of fear and panic comes tumbling in like waves hitting the shoreline harshly…wave after wave.

Inside of Song of the Oceanides, one Martian girl, and one other girl is left stranded by their aunt. Left with uncertainty and stuck in quite an interesting situation…Emmylou somehow remains strong during the whole ordeal. It’s not soon that she ends up writing a stranger a letter and that stranger finding her letter to be a comfort. Here, readers will notice that this stranger ….just like Emmylou doesn’t like the Song of the Oceanides. This leads readers into a whirlwind of suspense. What will become of the girls and the others who are tormented by the song and their families? I loved reading this adventurous, mystical, and suspenseful story. Readers will be hooked and bound to the story until the last page. J.G. Źymbalist has a way of luring readers further into his magnificent plot. Fast-paced, stunning, and mysterious. I enjoyed reading Song of the Oceanides by this talented writer. His words are well-written and his characters are well-developed. It will be hard for readers everywhere to put this book down once they read it. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to all.

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