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San Francisco astrologer Julia Bonatti’s life is turned upside down when she becomes the target of the city’s newest cult leader, Reverend Roy of the Prophet’s Tabernacle. Driven out of her apartment in the midst of a disastrous Mercury retrograde period, she takes shelter with a client who’s caring for two elderly aunts. One aunt appears stricken with dementia and the other has fallen under the spell of the Reverend Roy. To add to the confusion, a young man claiming to be a long-lost nephew arrives. The longer he stays, the more dangerous things become. Is the young man truly a member of the family? Can astrology confirm that? Julia’s not sure, but one thing she does know is that Mercury wasn’t merely the messenger of the gods—he was a trickster and a liar as well.

Rating: 5 stars


Connie di Marco’s brilliant mystery novel, The Madness of Mercury, is amazing. Readers will be immersed deeply into a dangerous yet luring plot of all time. A mystery that gets curious and more curious as the story unfolds. Every page is filled with humor, intrigue, and danger on every page. Readers will be kept guessing at the events get stranger…and more dangerous. One life is taken…another claiming someone else claiming another is after them and soon Julia’s life is full of things she never saw coming. Could Mercury be behind it all?

Connie di Marco’s writing is perfect. I loved the build-up of drama and trouble brewing. There’s never a slow moment…readers will be taken on one adventure after another. The characters make this story come, to life. The ladies are funny, sweet, and addictive. There’s something weird going on…and Julia is going to try and solve it. Julia is a modern woman whose life is now full of absolute craziness. The events and people will leave readers laughing and coming back every time. I enjoyed reading this cozy mystery and I highly recommend The Madness of Mercury to readers everywhere.

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