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The author of the best-selling The Gates of the Alamo now gives us a galvanizing portrait of Abraham Lincoln during a crucially revealing period of his life, the early Springfield years, when he risked both his sanity and his ethical bearings as he searched for the great destiny he believed to be his.

It is Illinois in the 1830s and 1840s. Abraham Lincoln is a circuit-riding lawyer, a member of the state legislature, a man of almost ungovernable ambition. To his friends he is also a beloved figure, by turns charmingly awkward and mesmerizingly self-possessed—a man of whom they, too, expect big things. Among his friends and political colleagues are Joshua Speed, William Herndon, Stephen Douglas, and many others who have come to the exploding frontier town of Springfield to find their futures.

It is through another friend, a fictional poet, Cage Weatherby, that we will come to know Lincoln in his twenties and thirties, as a series of formative, surprising incidents unfolds—his service in the Black Hawk War, his participation in a poetry-writing society, a challenge to a duel that begins as a farce but quickly rises to lethal potential . . . Cage both admires and clashes with Lincoln, sometimes questioning his legal ethics and his cautious stance on slavery. But he is by Lincoln’s side as Lincoln slips back and forth between high spirits and soul-hollowing sadness and depression, and as he recovers from a disastrous courtship of one woman to marry the beautiful, capricious, politically savvy Mary Todd. It is Mary who will bring stability to Lincoln’s life, but who will also trigger a conflict that sends the two men on very different paths into the future.

Historically accurate, rich in character, filled with the juice and dreams and raw ambitions of Americans on the make in an early frontier city, A Friend of Mr. Lincolnis a revelatory and moving portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in his young manhood. It is a close-up, involving experience, the sort of vibrant glimpse beneath the veneer of history that only the very best fiction can provide.

Rating: 5 stars


A Friend of Mr. Lincoln by Stephen Harrigan is indeed a fabulous read. Readers will be intensely intrigued from page one. Here, readers will see sides of Abraham Lincoln that we never really got to see in history books. Readers will follow this story and learn of Mr. Lincoln’s friends, good times and bad, as well as who Mr. Lincoln was inside and out. A brilliant masterpiece that shows readers the emotional side of history’s most famous men.  Stephen Harrigan has perfectly captured a man we all know. His writing gives readers an insider’s view that not only tells but shows them visually what Mr. Lincoln was like back in the 1830’s and 1840’s.

Politicians face many ups and downs just like the rest of us ordinary people. A Friend of Mr. Lincoln shows a man’s journey as he goes about his career and becoming the man he’s known for today.  It was interesting to find out who Mr. Lincoln’s real historical friends were as well as the fictional one that Stephen Harrigan has created. The story feels so real that’s frightening. Readers will feel as though they have been teleported back in time as the follow the story. The plot was well-written in a way that would compel readers from everywhere and send them straight into the heart of the novel. History comes alive under Stephen Harrigan’s words. Vibrant, realistic, and positively riveting is exactly what readers will think after they read A Friend of Mr. Lincoln.  Told in second person point of view, the pages fill readers with scenes of every detail. Almost like a movie. I highly recommend this stunning historical fiction to readers worldwide. It was exciting to learn more about a president who came from the same state where I was born and raised.



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