Review: Unfinished Business Too

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Unfinished Business Too is the direct continuation of the first book in the Series, Unfinished Business (Christopher Flier’s first book)(Volume 1).

Join Christopher Flier’s world of normality and let your mind be blown by how differences in life choices be it by choice or serendipity, makes the stereotypical idea of normal quiet idiotic.

Rating: 5 stars


Unfinished Business Too by Olamide Ojo is a brilliant continuation of everyone’s favorite two assassins. Readers will find out what really happened at the end of Olamide Ojo’s previous novel. From there readers will go from Christopher Flier’s confrontation with his forms lover and assassin partner to an adventure of a lifetime. Both of these characters go under new names, new lives, and new love. But when it comes down to it…Christopher Flier and his partner Deborah are always there for each other.

Unfinished Business Too is hot, sexy, and highly suspenseful. Readers will be intrigued from page one and will soon be finishing the novel within the day they start it. Olamide Ojo has once again created a masterfully woven assassin story that readers can’t stop reading. Once readers read this story, they will be begging for my by this talented writer. I loved reading this latest book by Olamide Ojo. His novel has many twists leading his readers to guess what will come next. Overall, I highly recommend Unfinished Business Too to readers everywhere.

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