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Two couples are stranded on Russia’s east coast in the year of 1840, and their only option is a desperate attempt to cross the vast wilderness of Siberia to return to civilization. Survival is jeopardized by harrowing encounters with Cossacks, Manchu, escaped convicts and ultimately, Tsar Nicholas whose men pursue the castaways for murders tied to a Romanov conspiracy involving a giant ruby known as the Antares. Historically accurate events provide non-stop suspense.

Rating: 5 stars


Thomas Thorpe’s latest novel in the Darmon Mysteries series is absoluely thrilling. Deperate Crossing (Book 5) is the next best historical mystery novels I have read. Thomas Thorpe weaves in adventure, danger, and suspense into every one of his books. It’s hard for readers not to feel their hearts pounding with excitiment and their palms sweating with fear.

There are many different adventures that happen to the one famous couple, William and his wife Elizabeth. Both are brave, smart, and reliable. They are like Nacny Drew, Miss Fisher, and Piroit all rolled into one.

Rearders will be on the edge of their seats wondering if the couple will survive their latest adnventures and scrapes this time. Desperate Crossing takes place in Russia’s East coast during 1840. Both of the characters will need strength and endurance to travel back to civlization after being stranded. As readers know, things get more dangerous as the story unfolds…will they be persecuted as murders or will they solve the case and make it out alive once again?

Thomas Thorpe’s novel is daring, bold, and stunning. There’s never a dull moment and the action is fast-paced. The scenes come alive dancing in readers’ minds and the fear becomes the readers as the race with William and his wife to freedom. Overall, I enjoyed reading this brilliant well-written story and look forward to reading more by Thomas Thorpe in the future. I highly recommend this exciting read treaders worldwide.



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