Review: The Seal’s Rebel Librarian



The second in the Alpha Ops novella series that features an alpha Navy SEAL and the librarian who brings him to his knees.

Jack Powell never planned on leaving the Navy, but his final mission as a SEAL left him with a tremor and a bad case of nerves. He’s home, taking some college classes and trying to figure out what comes next when he meets Erin Kent, a divorced college librarian with an adventurous bucket list and a mission to get her ex-husband’s voice out of her head. Jack guides Erin through skydiving and buying the motorcycle of her dreams, blithely accepting Erin’s promise that their relationship is purely temporary. But when Jack gets the chance to go back into the shadowy world of security contracting, can he convince Erin to break her word and join him on the adventure of a lifetime?

Rating: 5 stars


The Seal’s Rebel Librarian is exactly as the title states. Inside of Anne Calhoun’s novel, readers will see that even librarians have a bet of a wild streak. Erin is a woman with a sexual appetite that hasn’t been quenced since her divorce…plus, she’s had a bad experience with husband in breaking her word…and when she promises the Navy Seal that what they have is only for fun…they both feel bad when she ends their relationship. But bad boy Jack won’t let the sexy sweet Erin go just yet…

Anne Calhoun knows how to entice her readers and drag them in deep. Hot, sexy, and daring is what this stunning story is. Read te first page…and you won’t let go until you have read the very last page. Once yo finish you will be begging for the next hot novel by Anne Calhoun. Her story are more than just words that generate heat and emotions from her readers…they are a chance to live wild and break free. Live life daringly. The characters are brilliant. So real and tempting…if only there were more Jacks out there and more women willing to live like Erin…the world would be a happy place. Erin is indeed the Seal’s Rebel Librarian. I loved reading this hot military romance. Overall, I recommend it to readers everywhere. It’s a romance readers don’t want to miss.

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