Review: A Company of Roses



Cas is in awe of glamorous new friend Lacey, an artist from a wealthy background, but when Lacey disappears after a drunken night out, leaving behind a series of cryptic clues, Cas dismisses them as an elaborate performance-art prank.

That’s until someone breaks into her house and holds her at gunpoint. Cas realises she must decipher the clues, and find her friend before Lacey gets herself killed. She’s quickly drawn into a hunt for an Elizabethan treasure that holds the key to a very modern, very dangerous conspiracy.

Hunted by a criminal gang and pursued by a former Russian spy, the race to find Elizabeth’s lost jewel turns deadly. Good thing, then, that Cas is in the company of handsome secret service agent, Reuben, even if he does claim to work for an insurance company. She wants to trust him, but her instincts tell her otherwise.

As she races across England, from Brighton to York, Derbyshire to London, and then heads west, Cas is guided by a riddle that reveals the astonishing tale of a succession of women from British history and the oath they’ve kept for a thousand years.

The end of the journey is more personal than she could ever have imagined as she finally unearths the British Government’s most well-kept secret, and faces the organisation sworn to protect it…

Rating: 5 stars


WOW! Megan Goodenough’s cozy mystery, A Company of Roses, is exactly that. Readers will find themselves buried back in time to Queen Elizabeth’s period and find that all may not be as it seems. An intriguing yet suspenseful journey in a race to find a woman who dissappeared leaving behind her clues…It’s now up to Cas and a mysterious man to find her friend before it’s too late. Cas soon finds herself traveling all over and falling deeper into a dangerous web to rescue her friend. Reuben is more than what he tells Cas…but he can’t tell her that. But she’s not stupid and senese he’s more than what he seems. Reuben helps Cas as their journey takes them back and forth from the historical moment to the modern times they live within…

Megan Goodenough’s novel is stunning. Brilliantly woven with history, entertainment, and romance. I love a good mystery and an amazing sleuth. Cas is like a modern day Nancy Drew and the Famous Miss Fisher combined. Readers will love the twists and turns that Megan Goodenough has beautifully placed inside this read. The characters and historical importance make this a must read for all. I loved reading this novel and highly recommend it to readers worldwide. A Company of Roses is one readers can’t miss.

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