Review: The Adventures of Charlie Smithers (Book 1)




Harry Flashman, step aside, old son. Make way for Charlie Smithers.

The time is the nineteenth century. The place, the Serengeti Plain, where one Charlie Smithers – faithful manservant to the arrogant bone-head, Lord Brampton (with five lines in Debrett, and a hopeless shot to boot) – becomes separated from his master during an unfortunate episode with an angry rhinoceros, thereby launching Charlie on an odyssey into Deepest Darkest Africa, and subsequently into the arms of the beautiful Loiyan…and that’s where the trouble really begins.

Maasai warriors, xenophobic locals, or evil Arab slavers, the two forbidden lovers encounter everything that the unforgiving jungle can throw at them.

Rating: 5 stars


The Adventures of Charlie Smithers in an intriguing and exotic novel. It takes readers deep into it’s plot. A well-developed plot full of action at every turn. Inside of C.W. Lovatt’s story, Charlie Smithers is the man servant of an ignorant lord. He places himself in danger just to protect his lordship. Suffering one injury after another and following the fool who is lord of him, Charlie encounters an adventure of a life time.

C.W. Lovatt’s  novel is adventureous, intriguing, and suspenseful. Soon one devoted man will go on an unexpected journey that takes readers from fending off crocodiles to  jungle dangers. Of course being shot at is just a normal thing for Charlie Smithers.  Readers will automatically sympathize with the main characeter and be hypnotized by the enchanting story. Fast-paced, well-written, and one novel that will keep readers constantly on their toes and on the edge of their seats. I ejnoyed reading the Adventures of Charlie Smithers and highly recommend to readers everywhere. This is definitely one exciting read.

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