Review: The Big Game




This poetry eBook is a journey to simplistic emotions and feelings. It features contemporary haiku, free verses, and songwriting. This volume is the 1st of its kind. It is about spirituality and love. The poetry is meant to be passed on or savored by one’s self.

Rating: 5 stars


Readers will be blown away by this poet’s book. Bethany James has created a collection of the best poetry as well as recipes all for her readers’ delight. The recipes are decadent and delicious…and her poetry stirs up emotions so deep, lustful, and true. The Big Game is a collection that readers must read. Every thing all beautifully written and ready for readers everywhere. Blissful, exciting, and creatively spun for adults enjoyment. I loved reading this volume, and I highly recommend readers everywhere to read it. You won’t be dissappointed…

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