Review: A Calling Dream




Loradean is an undereducated daughter of a preacher from South Carolina. After the death of her mother, at the age of thirteen, she is raped and manipulated into marriage by a childhood friend, Halo Harmon.
Heartache after heartache nearly breaks her, but she finds the will to escape her bondage. Moving north, she discovers a new world, new friends and love. However, the past doesn’t let go so easily.

Rating: 5 stars


A Calling Dream by B.D. Jordan is a novel suited for the strong of hear. A lot happens to one woman and then history comes back to bite her in the rear. Her own child is raped by a man she married. A mother who has gone through the same thing her own baby went through should kick out the sleaze ball…and yet he still lives with her. Loradean is not my favorite character…however, she makes for a great antagonist. The sympathy I felt for Loradean’s poor daughter, Marion is great. I wanted to help Marion and hope she gets the help she needs. The ending was a major cliffhanger…I hope Loradean and that disgusting man of hers get what they deserve one day…

B.D. Jordan has created a stunning novel that paints the life that many misfortunate women face. Sad, dark, and full of adult content…I would recommend this read for readers 18 and above…Readers will loose themselves deeply inside of this plot. A steady paced story that will keep readers hooked until the last page. I highly recommend A Calling Dream to readers.

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