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Spinning a page-turning story of literary suspense that begins in the present and unwinds back more than half a century, this unforgettable debut channels the haunting allure of Atonement as its masterfully woven web of lies, secrets, and betrayals unravels to a shocking conclusion.

Veteran con artist Roy spots an obvious easy mark when he meets Betty, a wealthy widow, online. In no time at all, he’s moved into Betty’s lovely cottage and is preparing to accompany her on a romantic trip to Europe. Betty’s grandson disapproves of their blossoming relationship, but Roy is sure this scheme will be a success. He knows what he’s doing.

As this remarkable feat of storytelling weaves together Roy’s and Betty’s futures, it also unwinds their pasts. Dancing across almost a century, decades that encompass unthinkable cruelty, extraordinary resilience, and remarkable kindness, The Good Liar is an epic narrative of sin, salvation, and survival—and for Roy and Betty, there is a reckoning to be made when the endgame of Roy’s crooked plot plays out.

Rating: 5 stars


The Good Liar is a fast-paced thriller that will attract reades instantly. This debut novel will automatically become every reader’s new favorite. Nicholas Searle is a brilliant writers. His words take readers fast into his fictional world full of danger, deceit, and  betrayals. Suspense will cover readers like a thick blanket. Every page will keep readers on the edge of their seats…keeping them hooked on every word. Nicholas Searle is a new writer to watch out for…I can’t wait to see what he delivers in his next exciting adventure.

The Good Liar by Nicholas Searle is dark, compelling, and highly uspenseful. Readers will love this new title. The story will take readers on a jounrey that goes back and forth one man’s life. A man who cons his way about and slips into the life of a widow. This story will keep readers on their toes waiting eagerly for the ending…that will be the most rewarding part of reading this entire novel. I love how readers are introduced to the characters and their life stories and how it all ties up in the end. Nicholas Searle is a master of suspense and dark plotlines. Overall, I loved this story, and I recommend it to readers everywhere.

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