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The USA Today bestselling author of the Brenna Spector series returns with her most ambitious book to date, a spellbinding novel of psychological suspense, set in the glamorous, wealthy world of Hollywood—a darkly imaginative and atmospheric tale of revenge and betrayal, presumed guilt and innocence lost, dirty secrets and family ties reminiscent of the bestsellers of Laura Lippman, Gillian Flynn, and Harlan Coben.

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody’s got a drawer somewhere with something hidden in it.

On June 28, 1980—the hottest night of the year—Kelly Michelle Lund shoots and kills Oscar-nominated director John McFadden at a party in his home. . . . And instantly becomes a media sensation, her chilling smile fodder for national nightmares. For years, speculation swirls over the enigmatic seventeen-year-old’s motives, information she’s refused to share. Convicted of the murder, she loses her youth and her freedom—but keeps her secrets to herself.

Thirty years later—and five years after her release from prison—the past has come back to haunt Kelly. Her father-in-law, movie legend Sterling Marshall, is found in a pool of blood in his home in the Hollywood Hills—dead from a shot to the head, just like his old friend John McFadden.

Once again, Kelly is suspected of the high profile murder. But this time, she’s got some unexpected allies who believe she’s innocent—of both killings—and want to help her clear her name. But is she?

Written with masterful precision and control, What Remains of Me brilliantly moves forward and back in time, playing out the murders side by side—interweaving subtle connections and peeling away layers of events to reveal the shocking truth.

Rating: 5 stars


What Remains of Me by Alison Gaylin is extraordinary…her novel is brilliantly well-written. Readers will be sucked into this book from the first page and onward. I couldn’t put this riveting story down…until I finished reading every page. Wow, Alison Gaylin’s novel is good. Her plot is enticing…addictive…in a way that makes readers want to rush through the reading to find out all the whos, whats, and whys. Magnificently done in a way that won’t ever be forgotten. A mystery that begs to be solved and drags readers head first into the novel.

Inside of this must read thriller, readers will find that the main character supposedly shot a movie director, gets jail time, then released only to be blamed for her father’s death. A father who was also killed the same way as the other movie director…but now, someone thinks Kelly Michelle may be innocent of not only one murder but both…Readers will have to read on to find out all the juicy details. I loved reading What Remains of Me. Alison Gaylin is talented in bringing her readers the best thrillers and murder cases. What remains of Kelly Michelle is left to be seen by readers worldwide. Exciting, heart-pounding, and the most suspenseful novel I have read yet. Overall, I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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