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A re-telling of ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’, updated to the modern day, re-imagined with bizarre local characters and set in a fictional Irish countryside. Hilarious, dark, thrilling, with a winding narrative native to the Irish countryside.

In a desolate Irish town, a local paper boy goes missing. Conall, a beetroot-faced, mule of a man, makes it his business to find the boy.

What starts out a small undertaking, unfolds into a journey of strange rural experience, bizarre natural occurrences and warped small-town morality, revealing the shocking tale of a young girl horribly imprisoned and two boys fixed on rescuing her. Fionn McCool, Cuchulainn and many more characters all make appearances!

Rating: 5 stars


Sour by Alan Walsh is brilliant. I was amazed by this writer’s talent. The story was well-written. A funny yet highly entertaining novel that contains Irish mythology and a murder mystery. The characters are well-developed…they pop off the pages and bring the story to life. Alan Walsh will take his readers deep into the heart of his riveting book. There are so many interesting events that occur inside this stunning novel, readers won’t be able to stop reading it. I loved how Sour, captivates readers from the beginning and holds them prisoner until the end.

Sour is one fascinating journey readers everywhere won’t want to miss! Alan Walsh brings readers a refreshing novel with characters that will instantly become readers new favorite. I can definitely see this novel being used in classrooms…as new all time favorite piece of literature. I definitely enjoyed reading this tragedy and I highly recommend it to readers worldwide.  I look forward to reading more adventures by this writer in the future.  Truly a masterpiece that all will love.

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