Review: Things We Don’t Say Out Loud




Rising star, Sheila Burkes, has a new position as the resident psychologist/radio talk show host at Memphis’s premier Black radio station, WRLM. With this new venture, she seeks to heal others by helping to guide them through their subconscious, mental blocks and into their greater possibilities. There’s only one problem. She has her own deep-seated secret that she is desperate to keep hidden; but, when all is said and done, she may have to deal with it on someone else’s terms. Will Sheila’s secret come out? If it does, will she be able to overcome the shame or will she be taken down a hopeless, dark road of no return?

Rating: 4 stars


The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud by Rochelle Walters is intriguing…readers will be lured into a fascinating plotline. This story holds so many what ifs…and the suspense of what will happen when it’s all out…keeps readers turning the pages and on the edge of their seats waiting…

It takes awhile for readers to get into the story when they should be hooked on the first page…however, good things come to those who are patient. This is the type of novel that builds up with every page and leaves readers feeling wowed by this writer’s talent. The emotional journey is captivating…readers will never know when or what happens until it happens…I loved that. Not knowing…keeps readers in the dark and that is the main attraction from this stunning read. I enjoyed reading this story and I highly recommend it to others. Beware of secrets…they can change everything or completely destroy you…The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud is definitely worth reading.


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