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When cake-loving third-grade teacher Mary Grace Falcone receives a proposition of marriage from her germ-phobic boyfriend Ralph Ichy, her comfortable life is thrown into a tailspin. Should she marry Ralph? The man dubbed “the CEO of Antiseptic Hands”? Reluctantly, and despite the differing opinions of her best friends Jayde and Annie, Mary Grace accepts. Her decision gets her meddling mother off her back, but also lands her on a reality wedding show where the handsome host, Nick Charmin, unexpectedly falls for her.

Will Mary Grace choose hot Nick or faithful Ralph? Is the decision really hers to make? And, is a slice of cake actually the answer to all of their life’s problems?

Rating: 5 stars


Love, Reality Style by Judith Natelli McLaughlin shows readers what real love in the real world is like. It’s funny, sweet, frustrating…and once we realize who and how much we love that other person…it’s a beautiful ending.  However, Mary Grace Falcone has so much she’s got inside her that her own worst enemy is herself. Fear of her love and future marriage not working out is keeping her from her own happiness with a great man who loves her. Sure he may not be hot like the other man chasing her but he’s got his priorities straight. But a lot of trouble is in store for these two. Sure it’s easy knowing what you want…but it’s getting there that’s difficult and a bit rocky  for these interesting characters.

Judith Natelli McLaughlin  knows how to paint a stunning yet realistic portrait of love and marriage. She brilliantly takes readers on the roller coaster ride of a lifetime. After all, marriage and true love only happen once for most people. This tale was romantic and funny. Love, Reality Style is definitely one romantic comedy that readers everywhere will love. Overall, I highly recommend this title to readers worldwide.

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