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Adam’s Chair is a trilogy of short novels set in Waltham, Massachusetts. It opens with a day in April 1981. The shuttle Columbia orbits above, while below, in Waltham—city of immigrants, electronic engineers, and madmen released from the Metropolitan State Hospital—Priscilla, resident of a housing project, rides her bike at dawn to her work as a home health aide. Her first stop is the home of three elderly sisters, where she tends the eldest, Adie, taking her pulse and assuring her that she’s still alive.

Thus, the day begins. Later, the clients of the Sunshine Club arrive to plan a party for Adie’s hundredth birthday. The shuttle sends down messages. President Reagan recovers from an assassination attempt. Priscilla bathes another client, whose stately pace makes her late for Eulalie, whose husband Alcide has run away. Priscilla chases him on her bike, but he has defecated in the street again and is taken to the police station. She returns to accompany the sisters to the Sunshine Club. A fish is being caught off the Gold Star Mothers’ Bridge. The Mayor arrives for Adie’s party. A parachutist lands in Leary Park. A burial takes place from the French Church, attended by Eulalie who wanders through the cemetery’s ethnic neighborhoods, which mirror the city’s own. Henrietta Rose from the Sunshine Club sets up the coffee for the AA meeting in the French Church bingo hall. Upstairs a supper of beans and franks is served for the homeless.

Later in the evening, Priscilla puts the sisters to bed and discusses interstellar travel with Megan. On the way home, she’s knocked off her bicycle by a white Buick that doesn’t stop and spends the night in the hospital in an exalted state over her unlikely survival. The Professor and The Maggot, two Knights of the Road have a nightcap under the railroad trestle.

Dawn comes. The shuttle Columbia lands. Priscilla’s vitals are pronounced normal. Megan wakes and opens an old copy of Opera News to a description of Fernando Corena descending on the stage of the old Metropolitan in a splendid hot air balloon.

Two of this day’s cast of characters: Rosa an illegal Honduran home health aide, and Henrietta Rose, an elderly client of the Sunshine Club and former drunk, demanded their stories be told at length so these, makeup other two novellas of the trilogy.

Rating: 5 stars


Adam’s Chair by Barbara De Le Cuesta is one intriguing novel. So many things are going on that readers will find it hard to ever leave the book. The characters are fascinating beyond words and the world they live in will suck readers in fast. A brilliantly well-written fast-paced plot that keeps readers turning the pages and in high suspense…curiosity will win readers over as they continue the journey inside this stunning novel.

Wow! Barbara De Le Cuesta is one talented mastermind in creating such a wonderful story. Her story takes readers on a historical ride unlike any other. The characters are so real it’s amazing…it’s like being there experiencing scene after scene through the eyes of the characters. Readers will never know what to expect inside this read. I loved how Adam’s Chair took the element of suprise and used it well…as though it were casting a spell over readers to keep them locked into the story. I enjoyed reading this and I definitely recommend this to readers worldwide.




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