Review: Loose Thread (Cool Assasins 1)



Hard Sci-Fi with a human touch. Cooperation versus hierarchy, circa 2070’s.

# Imagine a vibrant community that dumps 5,000 years of cultural traditions. Imagine a society without politicians, without corporate secrets, without adverts, without disparity in the spendable wealth of its citizens. Such a community has defied the status quo. It has aroused fear and envy among the powerful elite. It needs extraordinary protection from those who would bring it down.

# Add the cold water of frustrating romance.

# Nyssa has spent years in virtual bondage to a Japanese pimp before she landed at Dog Breakfast, a co-op dedicated to urban security and espionage. She is welcomed despite her woeful past. She begins training as an operative and soon finds the physical hurdles almost beyond reach. But she can’t turn back because the co-op has become “home” and if she fails she’d lose her best chance for redemption.

# Kazuo has lost touch with the stone fox he met at the ski resort. He will meet her again, but in a way, he doesn’t expect.

Rating: 5 stars


Loose Thread: Cool Assasins (book 1) by J.O. Quantaman is extraordinary. His writing delivers the best of the best futuristic fantasy. A science fiction novel that takes readers into a whole new world. The characters are fascinating…and the scenes are vivid. They pop off the pages as readers rush in turning them to find out what happens next. I am not normally into science fiction yet J.O. Quantaman has masterfully captured my attention with this first book. I enjoyed reading this suspenseful, entertaining, and intriguing book. After readers read this one, they too will be begging for the next book in this exciting series. Overall, I highly recommend reading Loose Thread: Cool Assasins (book 1) by J.O. Quantaman. You will lose yourself in his characters and marvelous plot.


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