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How far would you go to make your dreams come true?

Watson Sinclair has only been in New York for a couple of hours and already he’s had a small accident in his car involving some distracting cleavage and an inconveniently-placed fruit stand. His best friend JC Dubois is a few blocks away kidnapping the editor of the Royal Features Syndicate. Watson has to pick them up and get back across the Canadian border safely with their prisoner. It didn’t have to be this way.

Watson and JC always wanted to be cartoonists for the daily papers. Their dreams came true when they received a syndication contract for their comic strip. But then months went by and legendary editor Ray Bennett stopped returning their calls. They were faced with a choice: give up and go back to their day jobs or consider drastic measures to get the job done. Like kidnapping Ray and taking over the launch of the strip themselves.

The plan is simple: drive to New York to take Ray and his laptop back to London. Give orders to Ray’s prick of an Assistant Editor. Keep Ray quiet and secure, convince his staff that he is working from home, and keep all this from their wives. They’ve got one week.

If they pull this off and execute a successful launch, their dreams are back on track. If they screw it up and get caught, they go to jail. Nothing like a little motivation.

Rating: 5 stars


The Launch by Mark Victor Young is surprisingly the best humor adventure that readers will take. This was the first novel, I have read by this brilliant mastermind. His writing forces readers to keep turning the pages. Every page is filled with laugh-out-loud moments, suspense, and intrigue. Readers curiosity will kill them if they don’t read it until the last page. The Launch is freshly told with an air of drama, humor, and tight deadlines that might prove to be the very end for the characters or their new anticipated future they always dreamed of…

Inside, The Launch shows readers just how far some people are willing to risk everything to get what they always dreamed of…they have a plan. Everything is thought out…and all they have to do…is complete each step. If they fail…everything they know will fall apart. Two married men who fall into kidnapping and taking over the comic strips to get their comics published. The question is will it work out or will they fail? Mark Victor Young is a talented writer who brings readers an exciting and intoxicating thrill ride…The Launch. I loved it, and I highly recommend this story to all. I look forward to reading more by Mark Victor Young in the future. His work is indeed one I nor any other reader would want to miss.


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