Review: A Valentine for August



Abigail Everett and August Black have been sweethearts for years but when her politically ambitious, cruel father separates them their love takes the ultimate test…time. After nine years of being apart, Abigail finds herself back in her hometown Maybrook to work as a governess, where people, places and things have changed. Especially her August, who is now an important part of the community. His new found success is due to more than just hard work however, it’s also due to the many sacrifices he’s made; including his own desires. Abigail finds he has come a long way from the boy she loved but the flame is not yet out. Will August be able to remember his love for Abigail and the man he was, before he is forced to be the man everyone now expects him to be? Valentine’s Day was once August and Abigail’s most meaningful day and now it’s coming back around; but will they still be one another’s Valentine?

Rating: 5 stars


OMG! I don’t know where or how to begin telling you all just how AMAZING this historical novel by Nicole Strycharz is. First, readers are dragged into the world where women had little or no choice in matters…just like Abby inside of this story. Her father was a harsh, cold-hearted, and a very cruel man. He didn’t care if she died like her poor Mamma did. Her mother didn’t come from wealth or high standing so her father didn’t care about his dying wife nor their daughter. He thinks of them as extra weight keeping him from reaching his power position. Readers will immediately feel a sense of love and sympathy for Abby has her father punishes her simply because she wouldn’t lie to secure his position and because she fell in love with a stable boy, August. A Valentine for August is indeed a must read for all.

Second, readers will see how strong Abby holds herself up despite all of her father’s evil doing to tear hear and August away…Abby is heroine characters will fall in love with and would love to have as a friend. Third, readers will be surprised at the turn of events that involve Abby’s father, her future, and her man of dreams- August. A Valentine for August is truly heart-melting, suspenseful, and an adventure of a lifetime. I could not stop reading this beautifully told romance by Nicole Strycharz. Her talent shines with every novel she has every written. I highly recommend A Valentine for August to readers worldwide. You will be submerged deep into a historical past that has twists and turns everywhere. An exciting heart-throbbing heated novel that readers simply cannot miss! Best of all, you can read all of her novels in any order and still follow each character’s story. Nicole Strycharz is a new writer to watch out for…

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