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1990s Hollywood, two unlikely friends, one dangerous relationship…

Socially awkward 21-year-old Greta moves in with her best friend Daphne, a troubled young woman with an abusive past. The glamorous and charismatic Daphne teaches Greta how to wear stilettos, tame her wild hair, and navigate L.A. nightlife. Daphne is determined to make it big, and she drags an unwilling Greta into the limelight with her.

But Greta prefers spending time with Timmy, her new boss who has become a lot more than that. Daphne, convinced Timmy’s not the right man for her friend, will do anything to drive them apart—even if her actions throw Greta into the path of danger.

Can Greta survive? Can she forgive?

Tana French meets Donna Tartt in this tense, evocative story of love and friendship—and everything in between. And fans of Lisa Scottoline’s Betrayed will enjoy the strong female protagonists found in Pryal’s novel.

Rating: 5 stars


Entanglement by Katie Ross Guest Pryal is one that will captivate audiences from all over the world. Here, readers will see how young women in their twenties act in friendships that are supposed to be more good than bad. The budding friendship between the two females is enough to lure readers in deep. There is definitely enough inner and outer conflicts to keep readers hooked from the beginning until the end. Katie Ross Guest Pryal also shows readers what an obsessive friendship is like, how we deal with it, and what the consequences of it are. Young people can sense or see a conflict yet they will redefine it so as to not make it quite as big as it appears to be.

Entanglement is a confusing and new time for a young woman like Greta. She moves in with another woman who’s tendencies aren’t shown until later in the book. Confused and seeking after something, Greta shrugs it off and lets her new roommate show her how to live her life. At first, the harm isn’t made apparent until danger seeps in and takes over the scene. Unpredictable, complex, and intriguing is one way to describe Greta’s friend and roommate, Daphne. The story as a whole is well-written and is fun to read. Readers will enjoy reading this new adult and coming of age novel. Katie Ross Guest Pryal is one talented writer who has a way of creating a read that readers everywhere can connect with and understand. I enjoyed reading this brilliant piece and I highly recommend it to others.


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