Review: Edge of Surrender



The scorching-hot romance between Emma and Ryan that began in At the Edge: Alpha Crew Part One concludes in Part Two of this sexy, suspenseful adventure!

Ryan had one job: keep Emma safe at all costs. But after a night of passion, Emma takes off and Ryan soon realizes he’s not the only one looking for her. Can he figure out who’s after the beautiful government aide, and why, before she falls into the wrong hands…if she hasn’t already?

Emma’s fighting to get justice for her fallen comrades, but she can’t do it alone. She needs Ryan’s help, but that means trusting him–and dealing with the out-of-control desire blazing between them. Can there be any future for a marked woman and a man trained to kill? She hopes they live long enough to find out…

Rating: 5 stars


Edge of Surrender by Laura Griffin is a short yet fast-paced action thriller that will instantly grab readers. From the first page, readers will feel connected and deeply satisfied with having picked this novel. The scenes are realistic and give a suspenseful edge to a story that is more than what readers think. Danger, intrigue, and hot sexy characters are all a part of Laura Griffin’s finest handiwork.

Laura Griffin never disappoints her readers. Every novel is brilliant. Contains everything readers need and want in a book. Readers that will cause you to let down your emotions…scenes that make your heart race, and sweat dripping from your forehead in anticipation and fear, from what might happen…Then there’s the kidnapping, near death experience, and the heated passion between two main characters. No other novelist can make readers say wow…with each and every new book like Laura Griffin does. Inside Edge of Surrender, one strong woman is fighting a fight but then life brings her help in the form a tough Navy Seal. Both might just find themselves on the edge of surrendering their hearts, souls, and lives…I absolutely loved reading this second exciting part in Laura Griffin’s new series. I am definitely looking forward to the third part, and I highly recommend this title to readers everywhere.


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