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Faded photographs of a glamorous couple in postwar Europe. Old letters hinting of tragic loss. And a breathtaking array of magnificent jewelry, spectacular stones in exquisite settings. These are the contents of a safe-deposit box long abandoned in a New York City bank. If no heir can be identified, the jewelry will be auctioned. But who was the woman who left such a fortune and no will?

Two people, drawn together by chance, begin to unravel the mystery. Jane Willoughby is a law clerk at the surrogate’s court and Phillip Lawton a fine arts expert for Christie’s auction house. They are simply doing their jobs when they come to the bank to inspect the contents of the box. But for both Jane and Phillip, the search turns personal—and their efforts to reconstruct an enigmatic life will lead from New York to London and Paris, to Rome and Naples, and a series of stunning revelations.

Eighteen-year-old Marguerite Pearson left America with a broken heart in the shadow of World War II. She found a new life in Europe but forever mourned what she left behind. As the truth about Marguerite’s extraordinary history—her forbidden love affair and her family’s treachery—is slowly revealed, more people are drawn into the puzzle that Jane and Phillip have pieced together, and one among them will inherit the most unexpected gift of all.

Rating: 5 stars


Property of a Noblewoman by Danielle Steel is a fascinating novel with a bit of historical intrigue. The property of what one woman left behind is now up for the heirs to take or else to be auctioned off… and that is where readers will find themselves buried deep within…

Danielle Steele masterfully brings a lot to her audience. First, there’s an air of mystery surrounding very valuable belongings, a bit of intrigue as the plot moves forward and romance that sparks as the clues are uncovered. I felt like a grown Nancy Drew with her boyfriend Ned and their friends as the case kept getting closer to being solved. I loved the realistic portrayal of family life and how complicated families can be. Demanding and frustrating sometimes…but, in the end, there may just be some hope to rescue a family when they need it most. Property of a Noblewoman creates suspense and a spark of excitement that never ends even when they reach the last page. Love, affairs, heartbreak, and a rush, to find, who inherits the property of a noblewoman, will leave readers begging for more by this talented writer. This was my first novel read that was written by Danielle Steele. Her characters are realistic and highly entertaining. Readers will never be bored in this stunning read. Overall, I highly recommend this title to readers worldwide.

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