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A mesmerizing novel about memory, privacy, fear, and what happens when our past catches up with us.

After a decade living in England, Jeremy O’Keefe returns to New York, where he has been hired as a professor of German history at New York University. Though comfortable in his new life, and happy to be near his daughter once again, Jeremy continues to feel the quiet pangs of loneliness. Walking through the city at night, it’s as though he could disappear and no one would even notice.

But soon, Jeremy’s life begins taking strange turns: boxes containing records of his online activity are delivered to his apartment, a young man seems to be following him, and his elderly mother receives anonymous phone calls slandering her son. Why, he wonders, would anyone want to watch him so closely, and, even more upsetting, why would they alert him to the fact that he was being watched?

As Jeremy takes stock of the entanglements that marked his years abroad, he wonders if he has unwittingly committed a crime so serious that he might soon be faced with his own denaturalization. Moving towards a shattering reassessment of what it means to be free in a time of ever more intrusive surveillance, Jeremy is forced to ask himself whether he is ‘no one’, as he believes, or a traitor not just to his country but to everyone around him.

Rating: 5 stars


I Am No One by Patrick Flanery  reminds me so much of the Person of Interest shows that I love. Similar to that show, I Am No One, will leave readers in a nail-biting, and the edge of your seat suspense. Readers don’t know the why’s, when, or the how’s but the most important question that keeps readers going is the who. Who would go out to great lengths to make the main character feel hunted down for a reason? The reason is left unknown and the plot comes with enough action to keep readers reading all night long. The main character is a man of mystery within himself. I love a good book that keeps a reader guessing and interested even after they finish the book.

Inside this popular read, I Am No One, takes readers into one particular man’s life and shows that someone is out to get him.  What is puzzling is that even the main character has no idea why, nor who is behind it all. It leaves for a deep thought provoking storm on the main character’s part and will entice readers further into the juicy plot. Someone is following Jeremy O’Keefe, sending anonymous calls to his mother, and leaves him with records…Patrick Flanery has mastered in creating a mystery within a mystery and leaves his readers begging for more. Readers will feel the paranoia and fear kick in as they make their way through this first person point of view read. The danger isn’t far behind…I enjoyed reading this psychological  and political thriller. Overall, I recommend I Am No One to readers everywhere.

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