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ONE YEAR AFTER the 9/11 attacks, Alex Vane–a brilliant, fitness-obsessed reporter for The New York Standard–wants nothing more than to break into the flashy world of TV news. But when he uncovers the scoop of a lifetime, his tightly controlled world is rocked: his editor buries his story, a source turns up dead, and Alex finds himself at the center of a violent media conspiracy.

AS HE RECEIVES TIPS from a mysterious source, Alex enlists the help of a captivating professor, Camila Gray. Aided by an Internet genius, a billionaire’s sexy widow, and a washed-up sports reporter, Alex and Camila discover a $500-million secret that could derail the largest media merger in history.

IT’S A SECRET THAT unearths dark memories from Alex’s past. It’s a secret that leads back to the morning of 9/11. And it’s a secret that could get them both killed.

IN HIS DEBUT THRILLER, A.C. Fuller brings you a young journalist chasing the biggest story of his career–from the courtrooms of New York City to the beaches of Hawaii, from a crowded newsroom to a lavish boardroom at the top of a media empire.

Rating: 5 stars


Anonymous Source by A.C. Fuller is one riveting read. This thriller will give readers everything and more. Action, suspense, and danger hang in the air like a thick fog on every page. I was impressed with A.C. Fuller’s way of luring readers straight into a tragedy and then into a deadly scenario. A fast-paced adventure that will continue to excite and lure readers to its plot every time. A.C. Fuller is indeed a master at creating a story line that is complex, fascinating, and will keep readers’ adrenaline pumping. Anonymous Source is by far the most promising thrillers I have read in a while.

Inside this brilliant thriller, A.C. Fuller has masterfully woven, a world, showing the dangers of all the good journalists out there. Dark, edgy, and a read that will ensure readers are on the edge of their seats. Anonymous Source takes readers deep into the path of one man. A man who is a  reporter with a company that has just suddenly merged with another company making it the most feared merger of all time. With the help of a woman other friends, Alex, uncovers the big money secret that many are willing to kill to keep hidden. A secret that can destroy the biggest company merger of the digital media world. What happens to Alex and the truth will have to be something, that readers find out on their own. I enjoyed reading this stunning and well-written novel by A.C. Fuller. His writing is incredible. Overall, I would highly recommend the Anonymous Source to readers everywhere.

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