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Compelling Military Love Story

A week after watching the events of September 11, 2001 claim thousands of innocent lives, Jonathan Feldman, a 23-year-old Jewish-American from Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast neighborhood, decides to join the U.S. Army.

With no prior interest in the military, but feeling lost a year out of college, Jonathan feels compelled to be a part of something bigger than himself. Like many young soldiers at the time, he enlists with ambitions of saving the world from Muslim extremism and visions of hunting down the evil perpetrators of 9/11.

Those dreams are shattered when he is transferred to a remote base in Germany that is soon to be closing down and left forgotten by the American government. But what happens when Jonathan’s brother and friends visit for Oktoberfest that changes his one-dimensional existence forever.

It is at that time, when Jonathan is perfectly unprepared, destiny brings Ela, a beautiful Turkish Muslim businesswoman from Istanbul into his life.

Love blossoms…

Rating: 5 stars


Turka Bella by Jonathan Feldman is a stunning memoir that will automatically grab readers and take them deep within its pages. The people and scenes come, to life, on every page. Everything and everyone felt so real. Readers are taken back to the before and the aftermath of one of the most horrific events in the history of the U.S. The terrorist attacks of September 11th will forever haunt the American people especially that of one in particular. He can’t shake the terror he saw happening in his own country. I enjoyed following the character’s journey and his family heritage. A Jewish culture and language…along with the character’s sense of American duty that leads him on his new path in life. A path of love and destiny. Jonathan Feldman’s memoir is brilliantly well-written and will captivate audiences from all over the world for ages to come. Love, hope, and fate…are all a part of this fast-paced memoir. A memoir that has a little of everything and will never be forgotten by its readers. I enjoyed reading Turka Bella, and I look forward to reading more future works by this talented writer. I highly recommend this powerful yet beautifully told memoir to readers worldwide.

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