Review: The One You Really Want



When it comes to love, never say never…

When Nancy discovers the expensive jewelry her husband’s been buying isn’t for her, she decamps from the Scottish countryside to her best friend Carmen’s posh Chelsea townhouse, to sort things out.

Nancy finds herself in a surprising new world, where rock stars are nicer than you thought, social workers are not necessarily to be trusted, and the filthy rich are folks with problems just like you. Everybody falls in love with the wrong people, and the path to true love twists and turns before you discover who you really want.

Rating: 5 stars


The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell is an extraordinary novel. Yes, there are so many characters as the readers turn each page each character’s story fall together and the faster the lot moves. Life throws us all curves balls…and in this realistically telling romance…readers will see how people can move forward with their lives and find their happiness. Happiness…as in finding the right one that that you really want to spend the rest of your life with…Jill Mansell has beautifully written a sweet, sexy, yet believable tale that will forever lure readers to its pages.

Inside The One You Really Want, readers will find a set of characters that are in a relationship that isn’t working out for different reasons. But that doesn’t mean that the one for them isn’t right there in front of them the entire time. Jill Mansell’s characters are funny, bright, and modern. A rock star who doesn’t care for another hot random hookup…instead he wants the sweet pretty lady he knows…but doesn’t know when to come out and tell her that she’s the one for him. Then there’s another woman who finds out her man is hurting her…and fate may lead her to her real prince….but first, she has to deal with her loser of a husband. The entire set, of characters, make this title worth reading. I loved it from the first page and couldn’t stop reading it. Overall, I highly recommend reading The One You Really Want to readers worldwide.


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