Review: Revealing the Revolution



In the tenth year of the newest athletic craze, the Canadian Scanning Tournament, team Revolution is set to become the National Champion. As the team struggles to mend the divides quickly enveloping them, one team-mate has more than just the responsibility of winning. He must keep a dangerous secret while protecting his team from others in the Underground.

Things slowly slip out of control as sabotage threatens Revolution’s chance of winning the tournament, their career in the CST, and the revealing of a secret which will change Scanning and the multibillion-dollar company that created it. Forever.

Rating: 5 stars


Revealing the Revolution by N.M Sotzek is indeed the must-read novel, for readers everywhere. The talented writer, N.M. Sotzek had masterfully woven a combination of genres into one stunning piece. Combining thriller, science fiction, and suspense all inside this story. A tale that will send readers deep into an intriguing adventure of a lifetime. The rush of danger, excitement, and the unknown will keep readers drawn into the plot from the first to the last page.

Revealing the Revolution is my first novel that I have read by N.M. Sotzek. The words are three dimensional and carry a real threat. The threat of artificial intelligence growing to an extreme within our own world. When that happens and how we react will leave goosebumps on readers arms and chills down their spines. The plot was fast-paced and well-written. The group of characters is brilliant. Each one adds to the story and gives it the overall effect that will lure readers every time. Struggles are difficult enough without a company going against everything it’s for and setting up a team for failure. A team that needs each other to survive a competition may or may not make it…issues are popping up everywhere and the teams success depends on how they can overcome these obstacles.Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere.


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