Review: The Abduction of Nelly Don


During the Great Depression, high-profile kidnappings became more and more commonplace. On December 17, 1931, self-made millionaire fashion designer Nell Donnelly becomes the next casualty.

Senator Reed, a family friend, steps in to lead the investigation. Impatient with ineffective police efforts, he is willing to go to extraordinary measures. How extraordinary? How about enlisting the help of two of Kansas City’s most notorious crime bosses. This deal with two devils may very well be Reed’s downfall. But more importantly, will the involvement of hardened gangsters lead to Nell Donnelly’s freedom or her demise?

Rating: 5 stars


The Abduction of Nelly Don is half real and half fiction. Patrice Williams Marks has brilliantly put together a novel for readers to remember and enjoy the life of one independent woman. A young woman who learned at an early age how to bargain and where her talents lay. She soon set herself up for a huge business in making dresses and other clothes that many would enjoy. Not only was clothes making her talent but also Nelly Don had a good heart where her workers were concerned. Never have I read anything discussing how generous an employer was to not just one but all employees. With above average salaries, healthcare and even childcare provided, Nelly Don is indeed a woman that will continue to amaze readers worldwide.

Patrice Williams Marks has beautifully woven a the story of Nelly Don’s life into a highly entertaining yet inspirational piece. It makes readers wish all employers were like this amazing woman inside The Abduction of Nelly Don. Readers will go on an adventure following young Nelly as she grows into the woman all know her by…from growing up in a large family to marrying her first husband to starting her own business as well as being abducted. They say¬†experiences changes people. Maybe, Nelly’s abduction changed her. Nelly never once spoke about her abduction and lived until a ripe age of 102. I loved how Patrice Williams Marks brought history and fiction together and created a sizzling fast-paced story. A story, readers won’t ever want to stop reading and will forever love. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere.

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