Book Girlfriends…

That’s right…you read correctly. Book girlfriends. No one has discussed which female characters would make the best book girlfriends. So, I would like to hear from all of you, which female characters would make the best book girlfriends and why?

Two super great book girlfriends that pop into my mind in literature are Jo and Amy from Pretty Little Women. Here, we see two independent women growing up through a difficult time. Each sister is the exact opposite of the other one.

Jo is the typical tomboy. She cuts her long beautiful hair to get money for the family during their difficult time. She easily gets along with the young man next door who falls head over heels in love with her. And there’s no reason why he shouldn’t. Other than that she’s not in love with him in that way. Jo is outspoken, strong, and reliable. She would make a great book girlfriend for anyone.

Then, there’s Amy. Amy is the youngest of the four sisters. Prettiest, fanciest, and most artistic of the sisters. Amy is an artist. She dresses and acts like a proper lady of her time would. She knows how to handle herself, in company, and can make any man bow to her ways. We all know that she finally finds true love in the form of her male neighbor next door. Amy at first seemed like a spoiled girl yet as she grows up the transformation is beautiful and eye-popping.

Now, let’s hear what you think of who would make a great book girlfriend. Comment below!


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