Book OCD…




As a reader, I have this thing…like OCD…about the care and condition of my books. My printed book copies to be exact. I hate bending the spines. So, I hold them open far enough to read the pages but also, not enough to crack the book’s spine.

Books are sacred to me. They open us, readers, up to whole new places, ideas, and people. Adventure, action, mystery or even romance…every book has something valuable, for me. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction…I will take such care of every book. My books look like they were never opened. That’s how obsessed I am in making sure that they are not bent, cracked, or torn in any places. I mean hello, the author took their precious time and sweat into making these babies for us to read and if we don’t take of them…I look at damaged books with a look of utmost horror.  I’m not saying that readers can’t bend, highlight or crack their books…but water damage…torn pages…OMG…I don’t know how a reader can damage a book. But it frightens me.

Books are a treasure and should always remain treated so. I think of it this way…if someone were to get my books in their hands what would they say…by the appearance of torn pages and other damage? Would it say that I didn’t care what happened to those beautiful books? Or am I too obsessed with how my book are treated aka look? My excuse…is that I am a reader with a book OCD syndrome and I care how my books stay in perfect condition…as much as possible…

Anyone else like this? Or just me?