Review: Alone in the Wind



In the second installment of the misadventures of Megan Docket, she learns of the investigation of meth dealing in the area. A gut feeling forces her to question the motives of a DEA agent residing in the area. As she snoops on the agent, she becomes protective of a young teen and a young autistic, who works at the local diner. The meth use in the community causes the deaths of two friends and ensnares the local residents in the drug trade.

Meanwhile, discord with her husband Brian creates problems at home. When the DEA agent and the chief of police commit murder, Megan uncovers the truth. After she impulsively commits revenge against the men, it blackens her soul and plunges her into a personal hell. Burdened with grief over the community tragedies and her own guilt, she seeks peace and redemption.

This is the author’s second book in her Wind Series. The first book in the series is Voices in the Wind.

Rating: 5 stars


Alone in the Wind is the perfect title for this new novel in the Wind Series. Judy Bruce has done it again. Creating the perfect novel full of crime, action, and secrets. We all have a dark side but sometimes that dark side will eat us alive if we don’t let it out soon…inside this second novel for the series we are introduced to a lot of issues. There are marital issues going on between the main character Megan and her now husband, Brian. Then there is the meth dealing going on as well as two young people who need Megan’s help. The plot instantly pulls readers in and brings them on a path of danger, betrayal, lies, and suspense. Megan may or may not be able to uncover the truth in time but the ending will not only satisfy readers but get them hooked on what might happen next to Megan. Will she be in trouble for what’s eating at her? Or will she survive and find forgiveness after all? Overall, I highly recommend this second novel of Judy Bruce’s and look forward to reading book three. I loved reading this intriguing story and I know without a doubt that readers everywhere will love it too.



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