Review: Voices in the Wind



The story is set in western Nebraska in the American Midwest. A young attorney accepts a job at her imperious father’s law firm, which forces her to confront tragedies old and new, and leads her into a harrowing fight for survival and the transformation that brings forgiveness and a new perspective.

Along the way, the heroine, Megan, must deal with a crooked attorney, a tornado, lots of root beer, a blond stud, voices in the wind, heartbreak, a lunatic with a shotgun, delicious pastries, isolation, and lies.

This rugged High Plains land of Megan’s hometown is the desolate, windblown, harsh land of the pioneer, American Indian, and cowboy. Even in adulthood, it stirs a strange yearning in Megan, as she deals with the pressures of a law firm and a new love, as well as her attempts to unravel the haunting mystery surrounding her mother. Meanwhile, a disturbed neighbor seeks vengeance against Megan and her friend, driving them into the darkness of the rough land in a test of her wits, fortitude, and resourcefulness. Ultimately, her greatest challenge is to forgive.

Rating: 5 stars


Judy Bruce brings readers a novel that shows how a character who feels completely flawed overcomes that difficult times life dishes her. Tragedies from the past come alive once more and new ones follow after it. A young woman from a rural town moves back home to work at her father’s law firm. Megan is a character that many will be wowed by…her weaknesses becomes her strengths and with a little determination she might she pull off everything that’s settled onto her shoulders. Family issues, a new job, and a new love, as well as secrets that may drive Megan down or pull her back up like a free bird, will definitely lure readers to this stunning masterpiece. Voices in the Wind will intrigue readers everywhere. I loved Judy Bruce’s way of showing us what happened and how it happened. The story drags readers in from the beginning and won’t let go until the read it all. This is the first novel in the Wind Series by Judy Bruce and I loved it. I can’t wait to read what happens next inside of her second novel, Alone in the Wind.

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