Review: What Happened in Vegas


“Fact is, I’ve been in Las Vegas for like eighteen hours already and am no closer to figuring out where Leah is. Almost a whole day down the tubes. And all I’ve done is run around my hotel suite and look out the windows and press the buttons to make the curtains open and close automatically and order room services and take baths in my Jacuzzi tub. Oh, and discover a dead guy and stab someone and accidentally steal evidence from a crime scene.”

What small-town sleuth Samantha Stone lacks in credentials, she makes up for in above-average deductive logics and superior mission-solving skills. Or so she thought. After accepting a mission to track down an almost-famous wealthy royal heiress, Sam finds herself lost in the glitziest, most glamorous city of all – Las Vegas.

It doesn’t take Sam long to realize that Sin City isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Despite five-star treatment from her new boss, Sam somehow winds up on the seedier side of town. The part filled with murderers and Las Vegas mob gangs and a kidnapping that isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems. Not to mention the crime scene that somehow has Sam’s fingerprints all over it and the sexy-yet-dangerous detective that has Sam firmly stuck at the top of his suspicious characters list. Soon, Sam ends up in a race against the clock, desperately trying to solve her mission and clear her name before she runs out of time…or loses her life.

Discover what critics are calling one, of the most hilarious, new series to arrive on the mystery scene as Samantha Stone navigates her most dangerous mission yet.

Rating: 5 stars


What Happened in Vegas by Katie Bloomstrom is another brilliant novel by this talented writer. I can’t get enough of her fabulous characters and the humor on every page. Katie Bloomstrom has masterfully created a strong female character that is so real to readers, it’s hard not to love her. Flaws that are easily made real when readers turn the pages. A woman who knows what she wants and goes after no matter if she fails or succeeds is a character to read and travel with…as well get addicted to…

Inside this contemporary romantic mystery read, readers will be wowed by the talent that shines through, to the last page. The action is found plentiful in this new title. Samantha Stone creates action as well as brings it with her. Her personality and voice pops off the pages and seeps into readers. Samantha Stone is a real woman like any of us, and yet she dives right into the world of sleuthing when she goes on her honeymoon and now,  in this second novel she can’t stay away from solving new cases. I really like Samantha Stone. She’s a combination of Miss Fisher and Nancy Drew. The danger is always around the corner and Samantha is going to have to watch her every step…where there’s a ton of money involved…the danger can be life threatening not just for the victim at hand but also for a woman who’s after the case. If you love a realistic story that packs a lot of danger, suspense, and intrigue but also gives a lot of laugh-out-loud moments then this is the novel for you. Overall, I highly recommend Katie Bloomstom’s latest novel, What Happened in Vegas, to readers everywhere.

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