Review: Scoring with Sir


A teacher with secrets meets her strict Sir match. Izzy earns hot bedroom lessons but scoring as Sir’s mistress brings red cards and penalties.

Teacher and football fan turned secret erotica author Izzy Tennant needs full-on steam scenes and real-life experience for her debut novel. Ex-premier league footballer now PE head Will Darby has the moves but his sports pedigree causes friction. Their sass threatens a lust volcano or an ugly fistfight. The sensual tension builds to an inferno when they re-enact erotica scenes at his player mansion.

Scoring items on her X-rated kink list, provides Izzy with bestseller spice. But how will her Penalty Master take the revelation that he’s just research? And how will Izzy handle the news that Will’s keeping secrets of his own? Falling for her sex mentor and craving his extreme play wasn’t part of the bonkbuster plan. Nor was reliving past hurts in action replay.

Scoring with Sir is a contemporary romantic erotic comedy with a Glee setting, a Dom/sub secret, a football crazy heroine and an A-list football star hero. Banter and bedroom action guaranteed and fantasies scored in memorable style.

Rating: 5 stars


Scoring with Sir by Judy Jarvie is a hilarious sweet tale that features both sports and romance all perfectly wrapped up into one stunning novel. Readers who love a bit of erotica, spontaneity and adventure will surely fall in love with this new title. Judy Jarvie brings readers a laugh-out-loud story that will keep readers sucked in until the last page. Her main character, Izzy, is an English teacher by day and an erotic book club leader by night. So far, not one man has had her body in heat…until she meets the sexy, hot, and frustrating new Physical Education teacher, Darby. He has her wanting hot sex every time she’s near him.  Judy Jarvie’s writing is one that hooks readers and keeps them intrigued. The characters are so believable, I can’t believe that it’s just fiction. Izzy is just like any other real woman with wants and needs that need feeling… the only question is…is Darby the man to fulfill all her fantasies? Overall, I loved reading this romantic comedy and look forward to reading more by this talented writer. I highly recommend Scoring with Sir to readers worldwide.


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