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Billy Jim Hauck is a good ol’ boy from San Antonio who loves hunting, fishing and being from Texas. When his wife of twenty years leaves him for another man, he deals with it the way he knows how, by sucking down beers, watching Fox News, and trolling leftist websites. His teenage daughter Jill, a gifted ballet student, is disgusted by him and his behavior and is desperate to move out of the house.

Then one terrible evening his daughter is raped. In the aftermath, she goes into a tailspin of depression, anxiety, and guilt. Billy Jim swears revenge, but as the weeks wear on, and it becomes more and more apparent that her rapist is never going to be caught, his need for vengeance is tempered by his longing to see his daughter well again. Though way out of his element, he devotes himself to bringing her through her PTSD and finds solace and redemption in the unlikeliest of places: her world of classical ballet.

Rating: 5 stars


Ballet for Guys by Will Kern is an inspirational novel for all to read. The great leaps a father takes for his only child. A daughter who is suffering from her mother leaving her and her father behind and then to suffer at the hands of a boy from high school. Being raped unconsciously is bound to have effects on a person especially when that person is only sixteen.

Will Kern introduces readers to a fictional world that is based on a true story. The loss of a wife, a failed marriage, and a teenage daughter who acts like she doesn’t want to live with her father anymore can take a toll on a man. Billy soon drinks his sorrows up…and that only scares his daughter more. After the horrifying rape incident, Billy looks to ballet for a way to connect with his teenage daughter. What’s beautiful about this tale is that by doing ballet, Billy is not only finding a way to cope and heal but so is his daughter. He is able to connect with and soon they can talk about what hurt them, how, and why and soon they’re bonding unlike before. I loved reading this…knowing that a father and his daughter were able to make it past their horrible nightmares and come out of it with pride, hope, and love. Will Kern’s writing is amazing. It instantly grabs readers and pulls them into the story. Overall, I highly recommend Ballet for Guys to readers worldwide.


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