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The law firm of Turner & Waters has a new associate. Jodie Waters has finally worked her way up from Stan’s secretary to become a full-fledged attorney. Having great confidence in her abilities, Stan asks her to help him in the investigation of a wrongful death case. A worker in a local sweatshop has died and his family wants the owner, Icaro Melendez to pay for the crime. The problem is the Dallas Police and the FBI have closed out the case for lack of evidence. It seems like a hopeless case, but Stan reluctantly agrees to have Jodie look into it. Jodie, excited to have her first case, boldly launches into an investigation and soon finds herself working undercover as the girlfriend of one of Icaro Melendez’ sons. While Jodie and Stan are busy with the Melendez case Paula Waters takes on the defense of a young mother accused of stabbing her husband to death with an ice pick. Paula is ecstatic to get such a high-profile case until she finds out her client is broke and this isn’t the first time one of Maureen Thompson’s husband has been bludgeoned to death with an ice pick. She learns that her client dubbed “the Ice Pick Widow” by the media survived her first murder trial due to a hung jury but wonders if she’ll be so lucky this time around.

Rating: 5 stars


Deadly Defiance by William Manchee is a crime mystery thriller that features women sleuths. I loved the murder cases that were brought up, inside this intriguing novel. Here, readers will find that two women are being accused of their husbands’ murders. So, there are two women sleuths each working a separate murder case that involves a woman being charged for the crime of murdering their husbands. What’s really interesting is that one of these accused women has been labeled as a wife killer because each of her husbands has been killed “by her”. Then, there’s the fact that this same woman killer who was talking to Stan about how her husband left her poor and that she wished he was dead…and then ends up in jail charged, of her husband’s death. She definitely had the motive but did she do it? Next, a Hispanic woman is wanting another trial. She also has been charged, for killing, her husband. Except she blames the boss who is tangled up in the drug cartel…

Deadly Defiance is exactly that.  Stan and his new partner Jodie get mixed up in a deadly situation that has them defying the cartel who wants revenge on them…and then there’s Paula taking on the other murder case. Danger, excitement, and intrigue will follow readers on every page. The suspense of this new thriller will have readers on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next…Will the team of three survive their toughest cases yet or will they be taken out by their enemies? Deadly Defiance: A Stan Turner Mystery (vol. 10) is definitely a must read for all. William Manchee is a very talented writer whose juicy thick plots will have readers immediately hooked from the beginning. The first novel, I have read in this series and now look forward to reading more. Overall, I highly recommend this thriller mystery to readers worldwide.


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