Review: Dog Gone



Have you ever seen a report of a terrible animal abuse case and thought, “Someone should stop that person from ever being able to harm another animal?” Then, this novel is for you.

Sam Holden is a young woman who comes across a dog after she has been tortured to death. This starts her down a path of learning about animal rescue. Along this path, there are times where she must color outside the lines in order, to stop an abuser, from harming animals. In order to do this, she must enlist the help of some unexpected characters. This includes a mob family retiree, a housebound social media whiz, and a gorgeous “fence” for stolen goods. She needs the fence since, she funds her illegal projects, by thievery. Sam’s on again, off again boyfriend doesn’t know about her recreational projects. We join Sam as she balances her personal life, thievery, and escalating quests to help animals in need. Throughout all of her competing jobs, she never loses sight of her search for the man who started it all by killing the dog she found by the side of the road. Our story culminates when Sam finds the man, with all points of her life intersecting in an amazing finish.

Rating: 5 stars


Dog Gone by Diane Moat is the new novel that I have been waiting for a long time. I wanted an entertaining read that brings out the awareness of animal abuse and still is something that everyone can enjoy. Diane Moat has brilliantly done just that within her novel, Dog Gone. I loved how the story portrayed realistic issues that needed to be addressed as well as others that made this tale believable. Readers will be introduced to an interesting set of characters that will pique their interest from page one until the very last page. There is everything that readers can want in one novel. Action, danger, suspense, and a great mystery. Overall, I highly recommend this brilliantly well-written novel that packs adventure to readers everywhere. It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting what happens next. I look forward to reading more novels by this talented writer in the future.


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