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San Diego Detective Frank Dugan has just become a victim of ruthless criminals, who have passed in and out of prison and continue to perform their grisly acts, in a free society. Dugan wants them put someplace where they can never return and never harm innocents again, and presents an innovative solution to this revolving door crime dilemma to the government. The result is Resort Isle, a lonely tropical dot in the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the most vicious sharks known to man, a place from which there is no escape and virtually no supervision. This resort is the last vacation the worse of the bad will ever get.

But Detective Dugan never figured that one day he’d be the guest of his own invention, a permanent resident, on this island, where many that he sent there can’t wait to kill him.

Rating: 5 stars


Resort Isle by Paul Sekulich is one of the most fascinating, crime thrillers I have read. I couldn’t believe the odds of a man, who created the idea of an island for the worst criminals to be placed upon to be set on there as well. The main character, detective Frank Dugan, is by far the best fictional character ever. He lives quite a normal life like the rest of us. He and his wife are paying a mortgage on their home and have kids. Soon danger comes knocking on the door, and right on the day of Dugan and his wife’s anniversary…bad men come to take jewelry…only to find that they got the wrong Duggan and what happens next tore apart my heart…I could feel detective Frank Dugan’s anger and hurt. The plot is well-developed and one that kept me on the edge of my seat. I kept expecting far worse to happen to detective Frank Dugan…and the talented writer, Paul Sekulich kept me guessing all the way to the last page. Absolutely remarkable…I was instantly hooked by the story from page one. Not many authors can do that…Resort Isle is a place no good person ever wants to go…it’s a dangerous place that even the criminals fear of being sent. Overall, this is definitely a must-read thriller, for readers everywhere. I look forward to reading more of Paul Sekulich’s novels and hope the next  Overall, this is definitely a must read thriller for readers everywhere. I look forward to reading more of Paul Sekulich’s novels and hope the next one features my new favorite detective Frank Dugan.

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