Review: I Heart Superhero Kid

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From critically acclaimed author Jason Tanamor comes “I Heart Superhero Kid.”

The legacy of Superhero Kid is tested when his family’s arch enemy, the Evil Man, plots out major sadness during the city’s largest public event – the best pizza pie contest. A city filled with happiness – largely due to the protection of Superhero Kid – the Evil Man challenges the area’s beloved hero to a hand-to-hand battle.

Lizzy and Carrie, two preteen school girls, obsess over the thought that Superhero Kid may actually be a student at their school. Armed with past yearbooks and determination, the two friends narrow down all the boys in a selfish attempt to reveal the identity of Superhero Kid.

On the day of the best pizza pie contest – the event seeing big named celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, politicians like President Obama and Bernie Sanders, and musicians including The 1975 – the Evil Man makes his move. Taking Lizzy hostage, Superhero Kid arrives to save the day. But not before an epic battle between happiness and sadness. With moves such as snake bite arm twists and Wet Willies, Superhero Kid handles the Evil Man’s threat in stride, forcing evil to disappear for good.

The city is once again safe, and Superhero Kid is hailed a hero. However, Lizzy is left unfulfilled. That is until she develops a plan.

“I Heart Superhero Kid” is an epic superhero story told in rhyming verse involving a hero, his arch enemy, and a girl with a crazy mad crush.

Rating: 5 stars


I Heart Superhero Kid by Jason Tanamor is an exciting and suspenseful tale. Two girls are wanting to figure out who the superhero kid is and thinks he goes to school with them…they are right about him attending the same school…however, they don’t realize that a boy they pass up as being worthy of the superhero kid is indeed the superhero kid. This just proves that we all have it in us to be the best ever but sometimes are labeled by others as unworthy of being who we are. I loved the journey of how one of the two girls, Lizzy kept at her attempt to unmask who the superhero truly was…in the end it all wrapped up nicely. I didn’t know who the superhero kid was until everyone including, Lizzy, found out…that was perfect! The suspense and intrigue built up on every page. The plot was intense and satisfying…I Heart Superhero Kid was realistic with fantasy mixed into the story. I loved reading this tale as well as the beautiful illustrations that went with it. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere.

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