Review: Those Crazy Notions of Otherwise Intelligent People



The tears and laughter of life’s ups and downs are the emotional pulse of this mesmerizing debut novel by Joel Michael Dorr–a funny look at fractured lives coming together–proving love and salvation might just come from the most unlikeliest of people.

Ilena Doran dedicates herself to helping battered women–but the therapist can’t seem to get through to the one person who means the most, her son, Sammy. Percy Powers, a drunken, womanizing, morning talk show host, prefers parties with scantily clad women over the company of children. But when one such party leads him to be late to the premiere of his own radio show, he gives junior listeners a chance to spend a night out on the town with him in a desperate attempt to mollify management. The winner ends up being Ilena’s son, Sammy, still traumatized after seeing his father murdered. At first, Ilena isn’t even aware that her assistant nominated Sammy but–she grudgingly agrees to accompany him. There, for the first time in almost a year, Ilena witnesses Sammy laugh. Is it possible that Percy just may be the one to prove that people aren’t always what they seem to be–and that salvation might come from the unlikeliest of places?

Rating: 5 stars


Those Crazy Notions of Otherwise Intelligent People by Joel Michael Dorr is brilliant. His novel immediately took me on a journey that’s deep, funny, and sweet. He shows that nothing is as we see it as…proof of that just lies deep within this enticing tale. Inside readers will me a man who is more than just a drunk party playboy. Then, there is Sammy, a boy who was traumatized by his father’s death and last but not least, there is Sammy’s mom, Ilena. It seems fate has things in store for these three people and their lives about to change forever. Ilena might have just met her match of a man in Percy Powers…and the effect that she plays over him is taunting him like crazy. The fact that he makes her son laugh in a long time is also a step to their growing chemistry…but will it be enough? Joel Michael Dorr has the talent to suck readers in and keep them hooked until the last page. Readers like myself will find themselves laughing and falling in love with this riveting tale. Overall, I highly recommend this to readers everywhere.

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